Install MonoDevelop on Ubuntu

In the previous post, we installed Ubuntu on a virtual machine with VirtualBox. Now that we have Ubuntu running, we’ll go ahead and install MonoDevelop.

From MonoDevelop’s website, “MonoDevelop is a free GNOME IDE primarily designed for C# and other .NET languages, although open to any kind of language. However, MonoDevelop hopes to be more than just an IDE: it intends to be an extensible platform upon which any kind of development tool can be built.”

Just like Mono, MonoDevelop is open source and multi-platform.

With Microsoft making Visual Studio Express available for free, there might not be a big reason to look for another IDE for Windows. But if you intend to write .NET code in Linux, MonoDevelop is there to help.

One of the reasons I chose to install Ubuntu was because it’s very friendly to the user. As you will see, Ubuntu makes it very easy to browse and install applications. Let’s get started.

Go to the Applications menu and select Ubuntu Software Center.

Ubuntu Applications Menu

Ubuntu Software Center organizes software in categories called Departments.

Ubuntu Software Center

Click on the Developer Tools department.

You’ll see the subcategories for developer tools.

Developer Tools

Click on IDEs.

You’ll see the list of all the available IDEs.


Scroll down until you find MonoDevelop and click on it to select it.

MonoDevelop Install

Click on Install.

You will be asked to authenticate.


Enter your password and click on Authenticate.

The installation will start, and you’ll see the progress on the main screen.

Installation Progress

When the installation is complete, you’ll see a little mark right below the MonoDevelop icon.

Installation Complete

Close Ubuntu Software Center.

Go back to the Applications menu. You will see a new menu for Programming, and you will find MonoDevelop in there.

Open MonoDevelop

Click on MonoDevelop to open it.

MonoDevelop will start loading.

MonoDevelop Splash Screen

When MonoDevelop has loaded, you’ll see the Welcome page.

Welcome Page

There you have it, an open source IDE to develop .NET applications right on Linux. Please leave your comments.

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