Hello World!

Hello, and welcome to Oscar’s Code. Thank you for reading. This is my first post, and I would like to use it to officially welcome you to my programming blog.

Since I was in college, I’ve liked to learn new things on my free time. Now I have a full-time job as a software developer. I learn new things everyday, where I keep learning.

For a long time, I’ve been wanting to share my knowledge with other people. I’m interested in teaching, but I don’t want to stop doing what I love, which is to program.

A few months ago, it occurred to me to start my own blog. I’ve been planning  and preparing it since then. Now that I have everything ready, I decided to officially launch it in a significant date for me. Today I turn 27. I hope this is the beginning of a year filled with achievements.

The intention of this post is also to mark the start of this project. I hope it’s useful for many other people that have the same passion for programming.

Please bookmark the site, subscribe to the RSS feed, and keep reading!

You can read more about me or contact me if you have any idea or suggestion. Your feedback is much appreciated.



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